New certificates security features

We've implemented better security features in each of our certificates to ensure they remain impossible to forge but easy to authenticate.

Businesses face increased risks arising from the presentation of forged inspection certificates for their goods. Consequences range from delays at customs, to potential fines, claims or financial losses paying for cargo that does not exist.

To avoid such risks it is important that you ensure the authenticity and validity of certificates you receive and present for payment.

Fortunately, determining the authenticity of a Cotecna certificate has never been simpler or more secure. We've introduced advanced security measures and technological solutions to ensure our documents cannot be faked or forged, and yet remain convenient for our clients to use.

In order to be valid, all certificates issued by Cotecna after the 21st February 2017 must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be in digital format (E-dox PDF) and transmitted electronically. E-dox certificates can easily and instantly be authenticated by a simple and fool-proof upload on our website.

  • Or, be printed on security paper and presented in its original version. For printed certificates, our security paper has a number of clear and identifiable authenticity features (Cotecna’s 2017 Terms and Conditions of Business printed on its back, a unique serial number in the bottom left-hand corner, a Cotecna security hologram in the upper right-hand corner, and a hidden seal revealed only under UV light).

Learn more about how to verify the authenticity of your Cotecna certificate: