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Cotecna is a global provider of inspection, testing, technical assistance and digital solutions, aiming to ensure traceability, security and conformity of certain goods across the public and private sectors.

Thanks to our international network of offices and laboratories, we provide quality and quantity conformity across a number of industries including Agriculture, Food Safety, Government & Trade Solutions, and Metals & Minerals.

About Cotecna


Our services for agricultural products help clients mitigate risk, comply with obligations, and make their businesses more transparent and sustainable.

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Food Safety

Cotecna provides state-of-the-art and reliable analytical services to guarantee food safety along the whole of the food supply chain.

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Government & Trade Solutions

Cotecna is a world leader in providing solutions that allow governments and private clients to facilitate trade, fight fraud and increase their revenues.

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Metals & Minerals

We deliver independent inspection and testing services for the mineral, metal and fertiliser industries throughout the supply chain.

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General Cargo

We offer a full range of services for general cargo, consumer goods and all types of manufactured products.

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Cotecna participates in EBRD and FAO Workshop in Cairo

Cotecna was a proud participant at the recent European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) workshop held in Cairo on 15th January.

Agriculture and Food