Business Ethics and Compliance

At Cotecna, integrity and business ethics are fundamental to the way we do business and are key elements of how we build our company

We have implemented a Business Ethics and Compliance programme throughout our network. At the heart of the programme is the Business Ethics and Compliance Code. The Code’s Principles and associated rules and procedures apply to all Group activities, and include standards for technical and professional conduct in the following areas:

  • Integrity
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Confidentiality and Data Protection
  • Prevention of bribery
  • Ethical marketing and fair competition
  • Corporate social responsibility - Health and Safety, Fair Labour

All employees and subcontractors are required to commit to the Code, and receive training to ensure compliance. We encourage transparency and foster a workplace environment where ethical issues can be raised and guidance given accordingly. Our dedicated Compliance Department supports employees and management throughout our organisation to ensure a rigorous implementation of our integrity and ethical standards.

Most importantly, we place business ethics and compliance above all commercial considerations. To ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of our Code, we subject our Business Ethics and Compliance programme to an annual independent assessment conducted by the company’s external auditors.

Cotecna is a member of Transparency International Switzerland

Compliance Committee

The Compliance Committee was established in 2004. The Committee, chaired by a member of the Board, comprises the Chief Executive Officer, the Group Compliance Officer, as well as management representatives from the business and legal functions.

The Compliance Committee conducts periodic reviews of our Business Ethics and Compliance Programme throughout the Group and provides policy guidance to the Board on compliance-related matters.

As part of its remit, the Compliance Committee also reviews the appointment of business partners and key suppliers. Regular reports on the activities of the Compliance Committee are submitted to the Board of Directors.

Cotecna Group Policy Concerning Countries under National and International Sanctions

Economic sanctions and embargoes are commercial and financial restrictions applied by one or more countries or international organizations against a targeted country, group of countries or individual(s). Such restrictions are imposed by a national or international legislative instrument for a variety of political, military and economic reasons. Violations of sanction regimes may lead to penalties. 

The Cotecna Group closely monitors national and international sanctions regimes and their evolutions when they are imposed on countries where Cotecna currently or might potentially conduct its business, with particular attention paid to sanctions imposed by the Swiss Confederation, the European Union, the United States of America and the United Nations.

As a matter of general policy, the Cotecna Group strictly abides by the sanctions imposed by the abovementioned countries and organizations. Consequently, it does not engage in any restricted or prohibited activities when dealing with the countries concerned. Licit trade and support to licit trade or dealings with unrestricted individuals in countries otherwise targeted by sanctions are conducted under strict compliance with the applicable sanction regimes.

To contact the Compliance Team, please email or call the hotline at +41 22 849 7814.