SFDA Cosmetics Conformity Assessment Programme

Cotecna is authorised by the Saudi Food & Drugs Authority (SFDA) to issue a Certificate of Conformity for exports of all regulated cosmetic products to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

As a trusted partner of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Cotecna is approved to support the SFDA Cosmetics programme and perform a conformity assessment of Cosmetic products.
Our role is to assess and verify the compliance of cosmetic products that will be exported to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in accordance with all regulations, rules and specifications approved by SFDA.

The Conformity Assessment Programme for cosmetics aims to protect businesses from fraud and ensure that products are free from defects that may affect the health and safety of consumers.

Saudi Authorities Requirements

The products covered by the Technical Regulations are referred to as Regulated Products. Hereafter is an extract of regulated products subject to the Saudi Product Safety Programme:

  • The Importer must have an account with the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA)
  • Cosmetics and Perfumery Products must be registered and notified on SFDA Electronic System E-Cosma
  • The Importer must have a valid Commercial Registration Certificate which includes Cosmetics Trade as a registered commercial activity
  • A Certificate of Conformity is mandatory before shipment
  • The labelling and marking should meet the SFDA requirements

SFDA Cosmetics Conformity Assessment Routes

To assess the conformity of a shipment, the verification of conformity process will follow one of two levels of compliance, named “routes”. The choice of the route depends on the profile of the exporter. These are:

Route A - for exporters with infrequent shipments (Non registered products)
It involves pre-shipment inspection and pre-shipment testing of products. Physical inspection can be carried out to verify the labelling/markage, storage and other visual verification.

Route B - for regular exporters with homogenous products (Registered products)
This process involves product testing for compliance and the statement of Product Registration is valid for a year.

SFDA Cosmetics Certification Process

  1. The exporter / importer will have to fill out of the Request of Certification (RFC) and Declaration of Conformity
  2. Once we receive your request, a dedicated and local coordinator will review your demand.
  3. Your coordinator will check all the necessary documentation and from that, define the scope of needs.
  4. When necessary and to comply with importing SFDA's regulations, your dedicated coordinator will guide you through the needed verifications and will schedule them (testing of samples, inspection and/or audit when required)
  5. Your product will have to be registered on the SFDA Electronic System E-Cosma. You will then receive a final Listing Number
  6. After satisfactory results, Cotecna will issue the product certificate (valid one year).

To find out more about the Regulated Product list, the latest Technical Regulations and other requirements, visit our dedicated Saudi Arabia website.


Request a Certification

To learn more about our verification of conformity programmes, or to request a Certificate of Conformity (COC) for your shipment, please download our VOC contact list mentioned above.

Please note that to receive a quote you will need to have at least the following export documents ready:

  • Request for Certification – RFC (available above)
  • Pro forma or commercial invoice

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