Trade Finance Support

Our trade finance support services help improve access to financing for borrowers, mitigate transaction risks for lenders, and assist in compliance with the requirements of the Basel frameworks for traders.

Our collateral monitoring services range from spot verifications to continuous monitoring of cargoes. Services provide lenders with a tool to control the performance of their transactions against term sheets. While borrowers benefit from more favourable loan classification, leading to easier and/or cheaper financing.

Our tailor-made services include quality inspection of physical collateral, storage audits and the handling and custody of cargo documents, for any type of goods. These include:

  • Raw materials and commodities
  • Semi-finished and manufactured goods
  • Industrial and consumer goods

Basel Compliance

Our trade financing support services also assist financial professionals and traders in complying with the Basel frameworks' requirements through:

  1. Legal control of the collateral
  2. Realization of the collateral's value in a "reasonable time frame" (Bll § 509)
  3. Physical inspection of pledged goods (Bll § 522)

Why Choose Cotecna

A high-quality, highly personal approach is what distinguishes our trade financing support. From our management team based in Switzerland to our global presence and close proximity to clients, we are reactive and flexible. We pride ourselves on our ability to tailor services to match the requirements of a client.