Ensuring Product Shelf Life with Sensory Analysis

For years, Neotron, member of the Cotecna Group, has been working with major food companies to not only guarantee food safety but also to ensure both the shelf-life and the best possible performance of their products through the use of sensory analysis.

A shelf life represents a product’s storage life cycle, during which it keeps the essential requirements that make it eligible to be consumed. During its “commercial life”, a food stuff must keep a correct aspect, odour, taste and texture to be able to satisfy the customer expectations. Shelf life studies help analyze how a product changes over time from the sensory point of view, so that companies can ensure that consumers remain happy until expiry date.

Thanks to Neotron’s expertise in the microbiological, chemical, sensory test, and packaging specialties, the skills of our various specialists are synergistically combined in the setting of shelf life studies and in the interpretation of the data collected.

We offer tailor made study protocols on different food matrices, which can also include an "accelerated" simulation of product decay, estimating its durability in less time.

We also have the possibility to store food in different temperature conditions and controlled humidity, and the tools to assess the permeability level of packaging for elements such as oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapor, in order to compare it with the previous packaging or with the one currently in use.

Neotron supports companies in defining the correct food commercial durability, providing them with important information to help building consumer loyalty by guaranteeing a product that fully meets their sensorial expectations until the expiry date.

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