Cotecna Ukraine join Organic Ukraine

In June 2021, Cotecna Ukraine has joined the Organic Ukraine union, a non-governmental organization that unites key players in the Ukrainian organic market.

Cotecna Ukraine aims to assist the development of the Ukrainian organic market by providing its services and consulting to local organic producers and exporters.

Ukrainian organic production has been developing rapidly over the last year, primarily due to active export demand, mainly from the E.U. countries. In 2019 Ukraine took the second position in the list of the leading organic supplies to the European Union. The key organic products supplied by Ukraine to European countries are grains, oilseeds, pulses, berries, nuts, and herbs. More and more Ukrainian organic producers provide their crops abroad, raw materials and processing products (for example, exports of organic sunflower oil, etc.).

According to official data, currently certified organic land takes up 1,1% of all agricultural areas of Ukraine, and the country plans to increase this share to 3% by 2030. Ukraine started active state support of organic producers from the current year, including financial aid, certification, etc.

The main goal of the “Organic Ukraine” union is to pursue the activities aimed at satisfying and protecting the legitimate rights and interests of its members through the promotion and development of an organic movement, organic nutrition, and a healthy lifestyle in general. The organization’s tasks are to provide knowledge, expertise, and experience to defend the interests of organic producers, processors, inputs suppliers, distributors, and services providers and assist the full development of the organic market.

“As a company that promotes food safety and sustainability, we fully support the development of the organic movement in Ukraine. Becoming a member of “Organic Ukraine,” we aim to share our expertise with Ukrainian organic players on all stages of organic products value-chain and provide them with our services to minimize the quality risks. We have all necessary tools for that, including ISO 17025, GMP+B11, and VLOG certification of our laboratory,” commented Arina Korchmaryova, Vice President of the Baltic and Black Seas region at Cotecna Inspection SA, and head of Cotecna Ukraine Limited.