Cotecna Launches New KSO Portal

Cotecna’s KSO Portal is a new digital platform designed to cover the end-to-end process for exporters to create an RFI and track their inspections for the KSO Import Verification Programme.

Previously the inspection process was handled mainly by manual actions (like via email exchange between various stakeholders and Cotecna) and through the usage of legacy software. The new application, launched on the 2nd March across all our offices handling KSO operations (with the current exception of US and Japan), has been designed with the aim of making the process far more efficient for all. One of the biggest success factors for achieving this goal is in getting exporter involvement in the application workflow.

Previously, exporters had to file inspection requests by physically completing a form and return it via email with the required documents attached. Cotecna then manually checked on the import license expiry and quantities manually, before in turn replying to exporters via email. Now all the information is centralized directly on the platform. Exporters can login, input their information, and upload documents directly. They can also check their file status and obtain the LS number when issued, resulting in massive reduction in email exchange and time lost.

Cotecna’s new KSO platform is helping more and more exporters to efficiently register and track their inspections. The successful roll-out is built on the following points:

  • The platform was created to be as simple and intuitive as possible, and both cloud-based and mobile friendly, so that exporters can access it regardless of their location or their device used.
  • Systematic validation rules, and along with real time calculations (like shipping standard days, balance quantities, etc.), were added to the platform to ease our coordinator work and also bring added value for exporters, who are now able to view how much balance quantity they can ship with their existing import licenses.
  • Training was given to all offices involved in KSO inspection work to ensure that they can adapt to the new way of working and are well equipped to assist the exporter when required. Trainings for exporters are also being organized for roll out in May and June.

In the following weeks, this new platform will also be available to Japan and US clients, completing the transition between legacy systems and our new KSO platform.

For existing users, please click here to access the Cotecna KSO platform.

For more information, or for any enquiries you might have, please contact us at