Cotecna extends customs contracts in Burkina Faso

Cotecna is pleased to announce the signature of an extension of two contracts with customs in Burkina Faso, for cargo tracking and scanning services.

The new contracts, signed with the Government of Burkina Faso, each provide for further investment and the expansion of the existing scope of services.  

The implementation and expansion of Cotecna’s newest Cotrack® solution to seven new sites will provide the customs with enhanced capacity to track transit movements in real-time based on state-of-the-art RFID, GPRS, GPS and telecommunications technologies. It will contribute significantly to customs capacity to monitor and secure cargoes in transit, providing an important asset in the fight against fraud and revenue loss.   

The extension of Cotecna’s scanner contract demonstrates the continued importance of X-ray scanning technology as a key component of trade control and facilitation. Scanning activities will continue at two existing sites and be expanded to a third site to be determined in the coming period.  

We are confident that these new developments will contribute in an important way to the modernisation of customs in Burkina Faso and will provide an important showcase for Cotecna’s advanced technical solutions for governments and the private sector worldwide.