Cotecna El Salvador revisits CSR community projects

In April 2021, Cotecna El Salvador revisited the sites of previous CSR projects, held in 2018 and 2019, to see the positive influence they have had on the community.

Led by Karen Pineda, HR Manager for Cotecna El Salvador, the Cotecna team’s first visit was to the community school "República de Guatemala" in San Salvador, where the kids have recently returned back to study (in shifts) following the pandemic.

Flor María Trejo, the School Directress, expressed her gratitude for all the work done by Cotecna and Glasswing in 2019. "By painting the school and all these colourful murals, children are more attracted to studying here. They really like reading their favourite books in the reading area, and they enjoy recess time even more with all the board games and recreation spaces. They really love playing on the picnic tables with the games painted on them. The children are proud of their school; we motivate them to take care of the facilities and keep them clean. They also take care of the plants, and they are happy to see how pretty their school is. We are all very grateful, and we always remember Cotecna for all the work you did for our school." she says.

The team also visited Comunidad El Carmen in San Salvador, wherein in 2018, Cotecna and TECHO built two small houses for families living in extreme poverty. The Cotecna team was happy to see the families living in their new houses. The Bonilla and Rivera families are very grateful to Cotecna and Techo for giving them a safe home and expressed their appreciation, especially in light of the difficult weather we have experienced in the country.

These activities are the true representation of the company's core values: We are accountable, we care about people, and we make it happen.