Cotecna donates new school building in Togo

A new school building was inaugurated Thursday at CEG Tchifama in Togo as part of Cotecna’s school education support project.

The construction of the new school building in Tchifama aims to secure access for all to quality education and promote better learning opportunities, particularly in this time of the global pandemic. Didier Cruz, VP Area Contract Manager, attended the inauguration event on behalf of Cotecna on Thursday 8th April, 2021.

This follows other recent CSR activities in Togo. In November 2020, Cotecna offered learning materials in four different schools in the greater Lomé area, rewarding the top 50 students from each school. Cotecna also renovated and supplied a medical centre in the prefecture of Zio, as well as the delivery of financial support to the National Coordination of management of the response to COVID-19.

This latest donation is a key part of Cotecna’s Corporate Social Responsibility and school education support programme. Through these actions we are committed to help support and grow the communities in which we operate.