Cotecna Customer Portal: adapting to COVID-19 crisis

To confirm our commitment and continue providing you with the best services even during COVID-19, Cotecna is constantly adapting and creating unique tools for you, such as the Customer Portal.

Our Customer Portal is a digital platform designed to give our current customers a quicker access to place requests for Verification of Conformity services. It is an information center aiming to increase transparency on the status of your requests from anywhere, and at any time. 

Above all, it is also a time-saving tool. Indeed, as soon as we receive your enquiry, a dedicated Cotecna expert will take care of your request instantly. 

The Cotecna Customer Portal offers features such as:

  • Real time status update 
  • Ability to download your certificates 
  • Possibility to request a new conformity certificate

Our current customers can access the Customer Portal for free on the web or via an Android app.

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Cotecna’s Customer Portal is in constant development with new functionalities being added regularly! For more information or any enquiry, please contact us at