Cargo Fumigation Services

Cotecna provides fumigation services to reduce risks related to common insect infestation for a wide range of cargoes.

Fumigation is a targeted treatment technique commonly used to control pests that attack stored goods and commodities effectively. Many importing countries require certificates to demonstrate that such treatment was performed for commodity shipments. Cotecna provides fumigation, disinfection or disinfestation, pest control, and derating in various parts of the world, including Egypt, Romania, Thailand & Vietnam.

Fumigant is applied in an enclosed and air-tight space with sufficient concentration, eradicating any insect present in the stored products. Three main groups of products are generally fumigated:

  • Agricultural products: rice, tapioca products, corn, wheat, and beans
  • General products: furniture and other products which are partly made from wood or when there is wood in the shipment
  • Manufacturing lines of factories

To request analysis or to learn more about our fumigation services, please do not hesitate to contact us.