Fuel Integrity Programmes

Our fuel integrity programmes provide an effective response to theft, smuggling or adulteration of petroleum products. Thanks to an advanced technology we help governments and oil companies protect their revenues, consumers and the environment.

To assist governments and oil companies combat and prevent fraud, Cotecna offers a robust solution to quickly identify fuel that has been tampered with or come from non-legitimate sources, thus ensuring the integrity of products throughout the supply chain. Fuel marking is used around the world to curb illegal behaviours and has a long-proven track record.

As a first step, our team are responsible for adding an undetectable and non-abrasive marker to every consignment directly at the fuel terminal. We then carry out AI supported checks at retail stations across the country using an innovative test method which provides results in only a few minutes. All inspections results are retrieved by our intelligent platform allowing our customers to access valuable information.

In addition to supplying our customers with a high-quality marker, we set-up and operate in close collaboration with our client and maintain the solution for the duration of the contract.