Cargo Tracking Solution - Cotrack®

Cotrack® is our monitoring solution specifically designed and developed to enhance our customers’ capacity to better monitor and secure cargoes, efficiently combat fraud, and facilitate trade.

We realised many years ago that an efficient monitoring of cargoes can greatly improve port and border operations. That is why we designed and developed Cotrack®, our tracking solution based on the very latest GPS, RFID and mobile technologies. It enhances the ability to monitor and secure all type of cargo movements in real time and helps to better regulate the flow of containers at national, regional or local level.

Our cutting-edge devices provide the real-time location of all type of cargoes. Moreover, the system is sophisticated enough to alert officers to any abnormal activity, such as a container door being opened, unauthorised stops, and route deviation while in transit.

Cotrack® at a glance

  • Monitoring and management platform
  • Removable tracking units (GPS, GSM and/or satellite communication, RFID link, internally powered, tamper sensors, etc.)
  • Fixed tracking units (optional immobilizer, vehicle on-board computer link, GSM and/or satellite communication, etc.)
  • E-seals (long range RFID communication, suitable for all cargoes, security features, etc.)