Social Audits

Our social audits allow a business to verify a supplier’s compliance with both local labour laws and health and safety standards, including SA8000, SCI, WRAP and ICTI.

We can conduct a social audit for clients anywhere in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas, thanks to our global network.

A social audit can cover issues such as:

  • Health and safety standards compliance
  • Local labour laws conformity
  • Rights of association and collective bargaining recognition
  • Discrimination, disciplinary practices, harassment or abuse incidences
  • Forced labour or child labour practices
  • Adequate compensation and benefits provision
  • Environmental standards compliance

Why Choose Cotecna

Our 40 years’ experience has seen us build a deep understanding of the various markets around the world. We know local labour laws, individual codes of ethics and country-specific health and safety standards. When a client requests a social audit from us, they know the quality of their supply chain is in safe hands.