Cotecna receives safety and security prize in Brazil

Cotecna’s inspection team in São Luis, Brazil was prized in 2018 for being one of the best companies in the application of safety and security rules at the port terminal.

In line with our core values as a company, the safety of all our employees has always been a key priority.

In 2018, Cotecna was recognized with the Site Seguro award for the exemplary application of safety and security rules among port terminal staff in Maranhão, Brazil, as well as for our ongoing efforts to raise awareness through training.

Cotecna's team receiving the prize in São Luis

Through continual learning on the use, handling and storage of safety equipment, we help staff to ensure a reduction in avoidable workplace accidents and a minimising of potential risks.

This focus on safety and security is a reflection of the key qualities that are expected of us by our clients; trust, reliability and attention to detail.

Cotecna performs quality-control inspections during both the intake and outtake of goods at key port terminals across Brazil. We work for some of the world’s largest and most reputed traders and logistics companies in helping assure their goods meet all necessary quality specifications (in accordance with ANEC, FOSFA and GAFTA).

To date, in 2019, Cotecna has already inspected over 6 million metric tonnes of commodities across Brazil. To learn more about our Agricultural services, or to request an inspection for your products, please contact us.