Fumigation Services in Romania

Cotecna Romania provides fumigation services to minimize trade risks related to frequent insect infestation of cargoes.

Cotecna’s team in Romania is headquartered in Constanta, whose Port is a traditional partner of Eastern and Central European countries with high agricultural production that transit their cargos towards worldwide destinations. All major worldwide traders are present in Constanta.

Cotecna Romania provides fumigation services aimed at minimizing trade risks related to frequently experienced infestation of cargoes by various types of insects. We are using qualified and long-term experienced personnel, able to find best solutions that suit customers’ needs in any situation, including tailored fumigations that comply with specific national/international legislation.

Why Choose Cotecna

Our services are fully accredited by relevant National Authorities. We are also certified as Fumigation Operator Member of the Grain and Feed Trade Association (GAFTA).

We offer fumigation services through various stages of the supply chain, including:

  • Fumigation of goods stored in silos or warehouses
  • Disinfection of river units/sea-going vessels prior to loading
  • Fumigation of commodities loaded in river units/sea-going vessels using customized methods

We have a significant experience in fumigation of cargoes in river units up to Panamax size vessels, our reliable results being secured by the use of best-in-class fumigation products. The most widely used fumigants are phosphine-evolving gases such as aluminum phosphide.

We are the main company providing fumigation services in Romania, currently holding a market share of approx. 60% (approx. 6 million tons of cargoes fumigated in 2019). The fumigation market and our market share have been constantly growing during these past years thanks to an increase of cargo traffic through Constanta port, which is expected to keep going up.

The main beneficiaries of our services are:

  • International traders acting on the agribusiness market
  • Constanta port operators
  • Romanian agricultural producers

Fumigation Methods

We are using customized methods for river units/sea-going vessels:

Fumigation in-transit by probing (passive method): Aluminium phosphide pellets/tablets are scattered evenly on top of the cargo or probed approximately half a meter into it.

Fumigation in-transit by sleeves (passive method): Aluminium phosphide pellets/tablets are placed inside retrievable parcels that leave no powdery residue on the cargo and can be easily removed upon discharge.

Fumigation in-transit by re-circulation system - including Detia Degesh patented J-System (active method): This fumigation re-circulation system is set before the loading and consists of flexible perforated pipes that provide uninterrupted circulation of solid fumigant gas inside the holds. Unlike the passive method during which gas-aerial mixture on the surface of grain gradually penetrate the lowest level, this active method makes it possible to save considerable time and increases the fumigation effectiveness due to even gas allocation into all grain cargo levels. This method is recommended for vessels that have holds depth in excess of 10 meters. On customer requirements (or discharge port authority requirements), the recirculation system can be fixed in any kind of vessel, going to any country of destination.

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