Coview® successfully implemented in Guatemala

Cotecna has recently launched Coview® our Inspection Management Platform in Puerto Quetzal, the most important port in Guatemala for international trade.

Guatemala is the first country to benefit from the newest version of Coview®, our innovative software solution developed to harmonize and supervise all inspection and control technologies, through automated and streamlined processes.

The new version of Coview® is now based in a web platform, which allows users to access the software from any workstation, without the need of complicated installations.

With more innovating features, responsive design and adaptability, Coview® allows Port Quetzal and Authorities to optimize their operations, to confirm suspects and take advantage of a Business Intelligence module which enables an efficient control of inspection processes at all levels.

Coview® is developed to analyze X-ray images from any scanner manufacturer and build a reliable data repository for performance monitoring.

We are proud to assist the Guatemalan Authorities in their mission to protect revenues while ensuring a secure movement of goods. By being compatible with a worldwide standard for Customs, Cotecna offers a powerful solution to drive operational efficiency.

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