Cotecna appointed by KSO SCISI for Indonesia Import Verification Programme

Cotecna, one of the world’s leading international trade inspection, security and certification companies, has been officially appointed by Indonesia’s KSO SCISI, to handle the inspection of Cement Clinker and Cement to Indonesia.

As a subcontractor of KSO SCISI, Cotecna will carry out verification and pre-shipment inspection, at the port of export, of all Cement Clinker and Cement exporting from all countries, except Vietnam, that arrive in Indonesia and are covered under the below mentioned Decree. This will include administration and field verification to provide information such as country of origin data, description of the goods, SNI Certificate N°, Indonesian Language labeling compliance, the date of shipment and the port of destination.

As part of the country’s IVP, KSO Sucofindo-Surveyor Indonesia (KSO SCISI), based in Jakarta, Indonesia, was appointed by the Directorate General of International Trade of the Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia to manage the verification of the country’s Cement Clinker and Cement imports. KSO SCISI is a Joint Operation between two State owned companies, PT.Sucofindo and PT.Surveyor Indonesia, and acts as an independent surveyor for the verification of many other commodities within the country’s import verification program.

Under the Verification Order established effective 3rd February 2014, based on the Trade Minister’s Decree 40/M-DAG/PER/8/2013 of 22 August 2013, importation of all Cement Clinker and Cement to Indonesia must carry a Survey Report.

Robert Massey, CEO Cotecna said, “Cotecna has been offering its IVP services to KSO SCISI since 2009 and continues to expand its involvement. Cotecna is committed to deliver professional services to assist exporters all over the world to ensure that their products are in conformity with Indonesia’s import regulation standards.”