Vision, Mission and Values

Building on the past 40 years of great achievements, we are now investing in and transforming the company for continued success in the future.

Our Vision

We strive to be recognized as the most reliable and customer focused provider of testing, inspection, and verification services in our markets.

We want to be reputed for our service quality, for our people, and their ability to use technical expertise and creativity to anticipate the needs of our customers. This is what makes Cotecna different.

We measure ourselves by the value we add, and by our ability and willingness to go the extra mile in delivering solutions for our customers.

Cotecna is a place where people, as entrepreneurs, find, create, and capture opportunities. This is how we develop our business. This in turn makes Cotecna a great place to grow for everyone.

Our Mission

We are determined to build a more efficient service delivery platform to better fulfil our customers’ needs, in a continuously changing market environment.

We invest to broaden our geographical network and expand our range of technical capabilities and skills. This allows us to offer a portfolio of services which is evolving along with the customers’ needs.

We also invest to develop an agile organization. An organization that enables people to respond fast, take ownership, make decisions, and achieve results.

Cotecna is a people business and together we create an environment that is inclusive, where great people can engage and grow.

Our Values

Our core values are inspired by our family spirit and they guide our behaviour for future success.

WE ACT WITH PASSION: We make sure to understand our customers, we build trust and we help them do their business better. We help each other to reach our goals, and we celebrate success together.

WE CARE ABOUT PEOPLE: We treat everyone with the highest level of respect and courtesy. We listen, we are responsive, available, and friendly. We create the right conditions for everyone to be engaged and take part in our journey.

WE ARE ACCOUNTABLE: We take ownership to drive the business forward. We are not afraid to take risks. We make decisions and follow up on the execution. The way we act and behave according to our values defines good performance.

WE COMMUNICATE OPENLY: We speak honestly. We listen and respect different opinions, and we bring issues into the open. We ask for feedback to help us improve and we give feedback with the genuine intention to help.

WE MAKE IT HAPPEN: We are pragmatic and simple. We do what it takes to fulfil our promises. We prioritize carefully and dare to say no when needed. We learn from successes and failures, and we do this together with our customers.

Business Ethics

Integrity is fundamental to the way we do business and is a key element of how we build our company.

You can learn more about how each of our employees is upholding the highest business ethics standards on our Business Ethics & Compliance page.