Non-Intrusive Inspection Services

We are pioneers in non-intrusive inspection services, ensuring the integrity, facilitation and security of trade.

For the past 20 years, we have been working tirelessly with ports and borders authorities around the world to help them modernise their control capabilities and strengthen their expertise.

Our proven field experience enables us to provide tailor-made solutions that allow our clients to meet their challenges in terms of security and fight against fraud.

Cotecna is independent and not tied to any specific scanner manufacturer. Therefore, we can guarantee the quality of the technological equipment we offer and make sure that we address the real needs of our customers. Thanks to our modular and scalable service offering, trade can be handled more efficiently and securely.

Our scanning projects are powered by Coview®, our innovative software solution developed to harmonize and supervise all inspection and control technologies through automated and streamlined processes.

Non-Intrusive Inspection Services at a glance