MobiClear helps authorities combat mobile device fraud. As a real-time monitoring solution, MobiClear helps enhance national security, while raising tax revenues.

Mobile fraud is growing almost as rapidly as mobile usage, in turn creating significant security issues for governments and posing a serious threat to tax revenues. Given the volume of mobile devices in transit, effective monitoring has proved extremely difficult, until now.

MobiClear is a Cotecna designed solution that relies upon the set-up of a national database of legally imported mobile devices. Using this data, MobiClear can integrate with local mobile networks to detect not just illegally imported devices but also cloned, stolen, substandard and even fake devices. Not only that but MobiClear also prevents fraudulent devices from being used on national mobile networks.

MobiClear at a glance

  • Enhance tax collection in connection with mobile device imports
  • Protect users from the consequences of substandard mobile devices
  • Combat mobile theft with the ability to block stolen mobile devices
  • Combat device cloning and SIM boxes
  • Enhance national security by localising, tracking and identifying targeted handset activities