Cotecna is authorised by the Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI) to issue a Certificate of Inspection for exports of regulated products to Iran.

The Iranian government requires exports to its country to comply with regulations outlined by the Institute of Standards & Industrial Research of Iran (ISIRI).

In 2004, we were given authority by ISIRI to control the quality of goods entering Iran. As part of our remit, we assess product conformity in accordance with Iranian and applicable international standards, and issue a mandatory Certificate of Inspection (COI) intended to clear customs when goods are deemed compliant.

In addition, we issue commercial certificates, such as Inspection Certificates (IC), based on the scope of work and instructions received by our client (buyer or seller). This is often a requirement included in letters of credit.

ISIRI Regulated Products

Among the different categories of products regulated by this programme, the following can be certified by Cotecna:

  • Agricultural products
  • Food products including vegetable oils
  • Consumer goods including:
    • Household hardware
    • Electric and electronic products
    • Textiles and leather
    • Audio-visual appliances
    • Vehicle parts

In case of doubt, please contact us to determine if your products are subject to regulation.

Iran Conformity Assessment Process

The Verification of Conformity process involve us conducting a review of documentation, a visual and quality inspection and testing in authorised laboratories.

Request a Certification

To learn more about our verification of conformity programmes, or to request a Certificate of Conformity (COC) for your shipment, please contact us. Alternatively, to contact your local Cotecna office directly, please consult our VOC contact list.

Please note that to receive a quote you will need to have at least the following export documents ready:

  • RFC (Request for Certification)
  • Proforma or commercial invoice