SON raises alarm on sub-standard engine oil

As part of their responsibility of maintaining standards and ensuring the quality of products imported into their countries, SON has raised the alarm on imports of sub-standard engine oil into Africa.

The Standards Organization of Nigeria (SON) has warned consumers about used lubricating oil being recycled and packaged as engine oil under the Toyota brand.

Even though the counterfeit oil is sold as a Toyota product, it was noted that it had no relationship with the automobile brand or manufacturers.

To tackle this threat, inspections and thorough mandatory testing must be conducted on all lubricants and base oils imported into Nigeria.

As a close partner to the governments of Nigeria, our teams at Cotecna are happy to guide and assist you through the conformity assessment process of your exports.

As a reminder, Cotecna provides the following services:

  • Product verification
  • Documentation review
  • Consignment inspection
  • Sampling
  • Testing of goods at accredited laboratories
  • Sealing of full-load containers
  • Factory audits
  • Delivery of Certificates of Conformity (COC), including SONCAP certificates

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