Cotecna has secured over 1 million transit operations with Cotrack®

Cotecna has monitored and secured more than 1 million transits since the beginning of operations, a new milestone that is the result of many years of close and successful cooperation with customs authorities worldwide.

As goods in transit are not subject to customs duties, the risk of fraud is often higher. Cotrack®, our cargo monitoring solution, was developed to offer an innovative response to this challenge and help customs to more efficiently combat fraud and smuggling.

Cotrack® secures and provides real time evidence on the location of cargoes throughout the supply chain and generates alerts on abnormal events such as a container door openings or deviations from authorised routes.

Today, our solution is deployed in many different countries worldwide to ensure the integrity of consignments and facilitate trade, and we look forward to achieving even greater milestones in the coming years.

Cotrack process