SONCAP Certificate Activation made easy with the SON Portal

In response to importer and exporter demand, and to facilitate the pro-business policy in Nigeria, the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) has upgraded their online portal for the SONCAP programme.

This new version of the SONCAP Portal has been launched to ensure optimal performance, enhance its seamless operation, and offer a more efficient service delivery to customers and stakeholders. SON’s willingness was to make sure it matched the Federal Government’s policies to improve on local content and facilitate relevant technology transfer.

The upgraded SON portal now offers a one-stop-shop that offers you some new features such as:

  1. The activation of your Product Certificate (PC)
  2. The activation of your SONCAP Certificate (SC)
  3. Your registration on the e-SONCAP Portal
  4. The possibility to check the status of your certificate at every point of the process

It will also allow you to find all the documents used for your application directly in your dashboard and will help you avoid any mistakes related to your Tax Identification Number (TIN).

You can access all of these features directly on the SON activation Portal page.

As a reminder, since 2013, Cotecna has been appointed by SON to issue Product and SONCAP Certificates and we can therefore accompany you throughout the entire conformity assessment process.

To request a free quote or to learn more about the SON certification requirements, please contact us.