Cotecna opens new Metals and Minerals Sampling Facility in Spain

Cotecna’s new 280m² sampling and testing facility for metals and minerals is located in Huelva, just minutes from all major industrial and port activity.

Huelva is located in the Iberic pyrite belt, which is rich in non-ferrous ore deposits. Because of this, the region has seen continuous mining activity for the past five millennia. But it was through the formation of the Rio Tinto Company at the end of the 19th century that industrial mining saw its birth in the region. Today, thanks to the efforts of diversified industry leaders and some of their local – and international mining counterparts, Huelva and the province of Andalucía has become a major mining hub. In addition, with the presence of major copper producers, Huelva and its port have also become a gateway for non-ferrous commodities in Europe and a perfect starting point for Cotecna to expand its scope of operations in Europe.

This was achieved with a facility, built and fully operated by Cotecna and conceived to provide inspection, sampling and testing services for Andalucía’s mining industry and all its related activities, both on-site and in the port of Huelva. With this operation Cotecna is able to further integrate itself in the global metals and minerals supply chains, supporting industry leaders around the globe by, providing services locally and at respective discharge locations.

The newly built facility was designed as a benchmark for our global metals and minerals projects. But perhaps most importantly, it is intended to spark the growth of our footprint on the European continent.

The new operation will be able to offer:

  • Full multi commodity inspection and sampling services, with its main focus on non-ferrous minerals, which are mined locally or imported from global suppliers. 
  • Full moisture determination and sample preparation capabilities for both industrial and non-ferrous minerals. 
  • Determination and certification of TML, angle of repose and stowage factor for the vessel loading purposes (non-ferrous minerals). 
  • Stock monitoring services. 
  • Inspection, sampling and stock monitoring of agricultural products. 

Finally, the operation will not only offer a tailored service to the local industry, the new project will also serve as a training center that will support our network of experts to improve consistency and efficiency in our services to customers. It will also serve as a platform to grow and diversify into other markets. 

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