New fuel integrity programmes launched to fight fuel fraud

Cotecna Inspection S.A. is pleased to announce the launch of its fuel integrity programmes, which help governments and oil companies fight fuel smuggling and adulteration or distribution of substandard refined products.

The legitimate fuel industry loses billions of dollars every year due to illegal behaviours. This leads to major loss in tax revenue for governments and causes disastrous impact on the environment due to the poor quality of petroleum products.

Through our fuel integrity programmes, Cotecna provides the most effective solution to face these challenges and curb illicit actions. By relying on unique markers, we chemically stamp the fuel supply in order to guarantee the integrity throughout the supply chain.

Didier Suchet, VP, Business Development, Sales & Marketing, Cotecna Inspection S.A., comments: "We know that fuel fraud can be massively reduced by using fuel marking solutions, that’s why we wanted to introduce our innovative fuel integrity programmes. By working jointly with governments and oil companies we bring immediate benefits to all stakeholders including consumers".

The advantages of our programmes include:

  • Measurable effect on tax collection and sales volume;
  • Effective results on subsidy abuse and criminal activities
  • Strengthened consumers’ trust in government and oil companies;
  • Enhanced preservation of vehicles from early obsolescence due to poor fuel quality
  • Positive impact on the environment thanks to the reduction of oil spills and unregulated polluting elements in the air

For more than 45 years Cotecna has been working closely with Governments to offer innovative solutions to help them enhance their revenues and secure trade whether through the implementation of Customs solutions, verification of conformity programmes or property tax solution. With the introduction of this new service, Cotecna continues to reinforce its offering to further assist the public and private sectors.

Learn more about our Fuel Integrity Programmes.