News and Cotecna announce new partnership, an innovative digital platform simplifying cross-border trade, and Cotecna have entered a new service partnership. Cotecna will now be available to provide inspection and certification services to customers. connects and allows sellers or manufacturers based in Europe and India, to transact with buyers or distributors in Africa. makes complex cross-border transactions, easy, secure and reliable for users by providing digital contracting, physical inspections, payment, delivery and settlement, through their world-renowned partners. Buyers get immediate comprehensive product information and real-time pricing of items listed on the Maalexi platform to facilitate faster decision-making compared with traditional negotiations.

“We are proud to be partnered with Cotecna for inspections and related documentary services”, says Rohit Majhi, COO of

Cotecna provides solutions to facilitate trade and make supply chains safer and more efficient for clients. So, as part of the partnership with, Cotecna will be proposing a physical stock inspection, pre-shipment inspection and reporting to verify the quality and quantity of the products or commodities at every stage of the supply chain. Cotecna will also be offering their expertise in Verification of Conformity, helping the trade community obtain a mandatory Certificate of Conformity when necessary.

“We look forward to collaborating with to provide assurance for the quality of every shipment” says Lena Södergren VP, Verification Of Conformity at Cotecna

About Maalexi is an export-oriented B2B marketplace, secured through distributed ledger technology, that assures delivery and payment in cross-border transactions of ready inventory. We are based in Portugal, and have strong networks with manufacturers in Europe and India and with distributors and importers in key trading hubs of Africa. We allow sellers to list wide range of products on our platform that range from industrial machinery and equipment to consumer goods like foods & beverages, fashion products, and electronics. aims to help 7.2 Million companies to export their products to US$ 568 Billion African imports market.

About Cotecna

Cotecna is a leading provider of testing, inspection and certification services. We offer solutions to facilitate trade and make supply chains safer and more efficient for our clients. Our trusted network of professionals and certified laboratories provide expertise across five key sectors: government & trade solutions, agriculture, food safety, minerals & metals, and consumer goods & retail. Founded in Switzerland in 1974, Cotecna started off as a family business and has now grown to become a world-class international player with over 5,000 employees in more than 100 offices across approximately 50 countries.