Launch of operations for Cotecna’s scanner project in Guatemala

On December 15th 2020, Cotecna’s X-ray scanner project officially started operations at Empresa Portuaria Quetzal (EPQ) in Guatemala.

Puerto Quetzal, the most important port in Guatemala for international trade (imports and exports), now has a non-instrusive inspection system in place with an X-ray scanner provided and operated by Cotecna.

Marco Livio Díaz Reyes, Head of the Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria (SAT), explained to the media how the launch of this new technology will be of great benefit for Guatemala’s international trade, and that it will help combat customs fraud and reduce inspection times.

Cotecna Guatemala awaits the official inauguration of the project with local authorities. The start of operations has been covered by the country's main newspapers and news websites.

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