Cotecna’s laboratory in Gandhidham, India is recognised as a GAFTA Approved Analyst

With an ISO 17025 accreditation scope covering GAFTA products, Gandhidham lab is now a GAFTA Approved Analyst for Grain and Feed testing.

Cotecna’s Gandhidham lab is the most recent Cotecna lab to be recognised by GAFTA, achieving the Approved Analyst status in June 2021. This status acknowledges the lab’s ability to provide grain and feed testing to the standards expected by GAFTA, and they join the other 9 Cotecna’s labs who are already Approved Analysts. More labs will join them in the future, including Egypt who are due to have their GAFTA audit shortly.

GAFTA recently made the requirements for Approved Analysts stricter, demonstrating an even higher standard of operation is required in the Agriculture sector.

GAFTA also made the requirements for their Approved Superintendents stricter, and Cotecna currently has 22 Approved Superintendents who meet GAFTA’s expectations documented in their Code of Practice for Approved Superintendents, and the GAFTA Standard for Supervision, Sampling and Check Weighing.

Cotecna is committed to the increasing need for professional standards, and strives to improve the quality of service to meet these expectations in it’s efforts to support all sectors, not just the Agriculture sector.