Cotecna meets with Gabonese Customs to prepare the implementation of CRMS®

We are glad to announce the upcoming implementation in Gabon of CRMS® our automated risk management system.

Last month, Ismael Kafando (Product Manager, Risk Management) and Demba Diallo (Country Manager) met with the Customs Authorities for kickstart meetings to prepare the implementation of CRMS®.

The fruitful discussions with Gabonese Customs during this visit allowed us to lay the foundations for the successful integration of our automated risk management system within the Gabonese Customs environment.

Thanks to the implementation of CRMS®, the Gabonese authorities will be able to better manage the flow of goods entering Gabon, both to ensure a high level of security while preventing fraud and thus protect tax revenues.

Cotecna has been working with the Gabonese Customs for almost ten years. We signed a contract in 2012 for the supply, implementation, operation, and maintenance of a scanner at Owendo, which has since been renewed. We are happy to continue our successful collaboration and contribute to their modernization with the implementation of CRMS®.

We would like to thank the Gabonese customs for their strong collaboration and engagement throughout these exchanges.

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