Cotecna Philippines launches the Cotecna Institute

Cotecna Philippines is pleased to launch the Cotecna Institute, an initiative aimed at developing high-achieving working professionals in the Philippines and across the rest of North Asia.

The Cotecna Institute delivers technical training to middle and senior managers from top-calibre companies, combining industry experience with practical lessons from real world problems.

The courses are designed to equip people with valuable and reliable insights from industry experts that can immediately help them to positively impact their organisation and performance, as well as shape them into global leaders through a collaborative environment.


The Cotecna Institute provides a number of different programmes to participants, including:

  • Executive programmes such as risk management, strategic management or tech management courses
  • Certification programmes such as IRCA-registered ISO, Six Sigma or project management courses
  • TESDA Accredited programmes such as lead checker, basic inspector and specialised inspection courses

The Cotecna Institute Advantage

Our training programmes benefit you beyond the classroom, from the moment you enter and all throughout your career.

Study under the world-class expertise of leading practitioners who are helping shape the future of your industries and foster partnerships and camaraderie with highly motivated, like-minded individuals.

Experience new ways of growing your personal and professional development as part of a globally connected Cotecna Alumni Network.

Upcoming Seminar

Our next seminar will be held on April 23 in Alabang, Philippines, and will be about Behaviour-Based Safety (BBS). This is the Foundation Module of the Health & Safety Course under the Executive Programme. For more information, please download our informational leaflet.

If you are interested in reserving your seat, you can complete our online registration form at

Learn more

Alternatively, for enquiries on any of our training programmes, or to discover how Cotecna Institute can help you achieve your next big step, please contact or visit