Cotecna India becomes GMP+ FSA approved Certification Body

Cotecna India is a GMP+ Certification Body (CB), authorised to certify companies for the Feed Safety Assurance (FSA) certification scheme.

The GMP+ Feed Safety Assurance is an international certification scheme developed to guarantee feed safety and reassure consumers about the responsible way animal feed products are produced, processed, traded, stored and transported around the world.

As a GMP+ recognized Certification Body, Cotecna India is authorised to issue GMP+ FSA certification to compliant companies working in the feed industry, including processors, manufacturers, traders and brokers.

A GMP+ FSA certificate not only helps companies to generate more business and access new markets, but also contributes to create a uniformity and transparency in the feed chain and ensure a solid foundation for safe feed worldwide.

For more information about the GMP+ FSA Certification scheme, please visit the GMP+ International website.

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