Cotecna Inspection S.A. acquires NofaGroup

Cotecna Inspection S.A. is very pleased to announce the acquisition of NofaGroup, a leading provider of testing and inspection services in the Netherlands and Ukraine.

Founded in 2004 by Edwin van Twist, NofaGroup initiated its activities providing analytical testing services for edible oils, fats, nuts, spices and other food and feed stuff in the Netherlands. On the back of growing market concern on food safety, traceability and demand for high-end testing, NofaGroup invested heavily in a state of the art laboratory in the Netherlands (Rotterdam) and additional labs in the Ukraine (Mykolaiev and Yuhzniy). To complete its service portfolio, NofaGroup added complementary activities, such as inspection and gas free measurement services, acquiring respectively Dr. Bushmeyer in 2008, and Marsac International BV in 2014.

NofaGroup, employing today more than 150 qualified employees, is recognized as a one of the leading laboratories in Europe and a global reference for the testing of edible products. With close to 4’000 square meters in its main ISO 17025 certified laboratory in Rotterdam (NofaLab B.V. – L440), NofaGroup performed over 175’000 analyses in 2016, including, to name a few, Dioxins, PCBs, toxins, GMOs, heavy metals, and pesticides with the fastest turn-around time in the market.

This acquisition of NofaGroup, a few months after the purchase of Timex Surveyors in Romania, allows Cotecna to further consolidate its global reach and capabilities, positioning itself strongly in Europe and within the oil and fat industry, as one of the top inspection, testing and certification players.

NofaGroup’s founder and CEO Edwin van Twist will, together with his management team, continue to be involved in the further development of NofaGroup under the umbrella of Cotecna.

Sébastien Dannaud, Chief Executive Officer of Cotecna Inspection, commented: “I am glad to welcome NofaGroup as part of the Cotecna family. We highly respect NofaLab’s technical capabilities, and the addition of this important platform in the Netherlands will significantly enhance our network in Western Europe. This acquisition is in line with Cotecna’s ambition to become a leading global provider of inspection and testing services across the agriculture and food supply chains, and will further reinforce our capability to serve our customers with quality services in key geographical areas.

Edwin Van Twist, Chief Executive Officer of NofaGroup added: “I’m excited that NofaGroup has joined forces with Cotecna. In the current market with increasing demand for food safety and an ever increasing need for global presence, the transaction with Cotecna allows NofaGroup to further expand her geographical footprint and continue to improve our high quality services to our customers. The transaction allows NofaGroup to enter into the next phase of growth whereby we will keep focusing on our core values of quality, independent testing and customer relations, values which are shared within the Cotecna family, offering custom-made and fastest turn-around time solutions.