Cotecna delivers technical training to Congolese customs officers

Through the implementation of a Training and Capacity Building Programme, we help strengthen the skills of Congolese customs officers in the classification of goods and the training of new image analysts.

‚ÄčTechnical training plays an important role in the partnership between Cotecna and the Government of the Republic of Congo. In support of this, we have thus created a Training and Capacity Building Programme (TCBP) that enables public administration officials to increase their skills and improve their current and future performance.

Customs officer attending training in the Republic of Congo

In December 2018, some 40 customs officers received training on customs classification of goods and the WCO Harmonised System, an area directly related to optimising customs revenue collection. This training was conducted by a Senegalese customs expert, Mr Malick Mbaye, Director of the Senegalese Customs Regulations.

Congolese customs officers at image analyst training

In parallel, some 15 Congolese customs officers were also selected for an in-depth training as image analyst trainers in order to enable the customs administration to have the capacity to train its own analysts. These agents were previously trained in image analysis and sensitised on radiation protection measures. This training was given by one of our experts, Mr Saad Bou Sow, Cotecna Senegal.

The use of X-ray scanners requires highly qualified and experienced personnel to ensure a proper interpretation of X-ray images and a smooth workflow, in compliance with safety standards.