End-of-year message from the Chairman

Read the end-of-year message from Cotecna Chairman, Frank Piedelièvre.

As I reflect on the extraordinary events of this year, one of the most striking aspects for me is just how well our staff have rallied to respond to the many challenges posed by COVID-19.

Throughout this pandemic we have learned a lot about ourselves and the strengths of our company, and I believe that we have successfully demonstrated, through our performance this year, that Cotecna is strong, resistant, and adaptable.

We put in place a business continuity response at all levels of our worldwide organisation in order to best protect the health and safety of our employees, while at the same time ensure the continued delivery and quality of services to our clients. I would like to thank all our staff for their continued commitment, dedication, and hard work in making this possible.

Since 2016, we have embarked on an important phase of transformation to rebalance our service portfolio and grow our global presence. We are now in the second stage of that transformation plan, where we continue to further diversify our business portfolio, extend our activities to new industries, and strengthen our geographical network in key countries. In 2020, despite the challenges we faced, we continued along this trajectory, adding value and expertise to our operations.

I am strongly committed to building the Cotecna of tomorrow, and we will continue to work towards our ambitious vision for the company in the coming years. What we have achieved this year only reinforces my commitment for 2021.

I'd like to extend my best wishes to each and every one of you for this end-of-year.

Frank Piedelièvre
Chairman, Cotecna