Scrap Metal Inspection & Testing

Meet challenging sampling and quality control requirements for scrap metal with our inspection and testing services.

The very nature of scrap metal requires highly specialised and experienced interventions. We offer services in certain countries across all sectors of the metal recycling industry, including:

  • Visual classification of scrap metal to ensure conformity with
    contractual specifications
  • Grading determination (sizing and impurities)
  • Measurement of radioactivity levels
  • Ensuring that inspected scrap is free of hazardous, dangerous and prohibited goods
  • Weight control
  • Photographic reporting
  • Certification

Our scope of services include:

We provide a range of inspection services during shipment and at port, including:

  • Sampling and sample preparation
  • On-site grading and weighing
  • Visual checks (packing, marking, cargo identification & condition, random check dimensions)
  • Loading and discharge supervision
  • Vessel hatches and holds inspection
  • Draft surveys
  • Stock monitoring

We can provide a range of testing and analysis services, including:

  • Physical and chemical testing
  • Laboratory analysis
  • Testing of all required parameters against international standards

We can provide trusted and reliable conformity assessment and certification services for minerals and metals, including: