Oils and Feed Inspection & Testing

We deliver inspection and testing services for all types of vegetable oils, oilseeds, and feed related by-products, such as soybean meal and palm oil.

Our qualified analysts are able to test all required physical and chemical parameters (moisture, fibre, protein, FFA, E.coli, damaged seeds, etc.) for your vegetable oils, oilseed, and feed products, in accordance with internationally recognised industry standards (e.g. FOSFA, ISO).

We can test the full range of vegetable oils and seeds, such as sunflower seed, soybean, rapeseed, palm, coconut and olive oil, whether they be refined (RBD) or crude. We also cover related feed meal by-products.

Our scope of services are offered across the supply chain, at fields, factories, warehouses and ports. These include:

We provide a range of inspection services during shipment and at port, including:

  • Sampling and analysis (according to industry methodologies and specifications: e.g. GAFTA).
  • On-site grading and weighing
  • Loading and discharge supervision
  • Vessel hatches and holds inspection
  • Draft surveys
  • Stock and fumigation monitoring

We can provide a range of testing and analysis services according to international standards, including:

  • On-spot and physical testing
  • GMO testing
  • Chemical, contaminant, and microbiological analyses

We can provide trusted and reliable conformity assessment and certification services for agricultural clients, including: