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How to check your certificate validity

Determining the authenticity of a Cotecna certificate has never been simpler or more secure. Learn how to easily check its validity and avoid fake or counterfeit products.

How to check the autenticity of a Cotecna paper certificate

In order to be valid, all certificates emitted by Cotecna after the 21st February 2017 must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be presented in its original version
  2. Carry Cotecna’s Terms and Conditions of Business (2017 edition) on its back
  3. Bear a unique series number on its bottom left-corner
  4. Include a Cotecna security hologram on its upper right-hand corner
  5. Reveal a security seal under ultra-violet light

Illustration of security features on a Cotecna Certificate

If you remain uncertain regarding the authenticity of your document, please don't hesitate to contact us at [Reveal email address]

How to check the autenticity of a Cotecna electronic certificate

An electronic certificate (E-dox document) can easily be authenticated online by uploading it directly on our website. Please use the tool below.

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