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FIT for Governments

Billions of taxes are lost every year, depriving the public sector of significant revenues. The flows of illicit goods can generate huge human health and safety issues for the population. With the support of the Fighting Illicit Trade division, let us assist governments to build a strong border control.

Here is a non exhaustive list of the Fighting Illicit Trade services KIT towards control administrations.

I. Diagnostic Mission

During 1 week, the Fighting Illicit Trade team will operate a diagnostic test on the administrative structures, legislation, the selectivity system and so on…

This state of play will go along with customised solutions to improve the organisation of the administration on a long-term basis.

II. Operational seminars in the fight against illicit trade

5 operational seminars of 1 week duration each will be organised in a year to achieve fructuous results.

The covered topics are:

  • Legislative aspects
  • Genuine and Fake detection workshops (partnership with right holders)
  • Risk analysis
  • Real situation practical exercises

III. Operation at national level

The operation at a national level consists of the implementation of the above-mentioned practical trainings in all targeted parts of the territory (ports, airports, land borders, postal sorting centres).

IV. 24/7 Assistance on targeting and detection of containers

The Fighting Illicit Trade division will ensure a 24/7 technical support to customs administrations thanks to an incomparable expertise in achieving results.

This service is absolutely not an externalisation of customs control but, on the contrary, a permanent technical support, a guide which aims to lead to a better targeted control.

V. Fighting Illicit Trade CRMS®

The Fighting Illicit Trade Computerized Risk Management System will proceed to the control of the traffic facilitation with a 50% reduction of physical inspections and increase in the number of contentious findings; this result will be achieved in the first year.

VI. National experts accreditation

Following the completion of the Fighting Illicit Trade Kit training, including 4 operational seminars, 1 operation at a national level and the F.I.T. CRMS handling, the best trainees who have been identified in each training session will be selected to obtain the F.I.T. accreditation.

The Fighting Illicit Trade accreditation is a particularly selective technical professional examination in order to qualify to become a Fighting Illicit Trade National Expert (NEF).

This will lead to a “Train the trainer” process which will allow the NEF to deliver trainings on their own and to maintain a high level of qualification in each administration.

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