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FIT for the Private Sector

Legitimate industry loses billions of volumes annually to illicit trade. All industries are now suffering from this scourge and need reliable and operational assistance. The Fighting Illicit Trade division will be the eyes and ears of the private sector in the field and will strengthen the link with control bodies.

The Private/ Public partnership can only be fruitful thanks to a deep involvement of Rights Holders, who have different needs and expectations comparing to control administrations.

The Fighting Illicit Trade team identifies these specific needs and is capable of addressing them and granting tangible and concrete results to private stakeholders.

The “Fighting Illicit Trade services Package” includes the following:

  • Mission scoping and targeting (face to face with the client)
  • Customs Administration Services in each of the destination countries (Application For Actions)
  • Training preparation and training material maintenance for Control Authorities and other stakeholders for each of the brands and products
  • High Level Risk Analysis with a quarterly report on the targeted markets
  • Field training of Customs and Control Authorities to augment their capacity on fraud detection (at national and regional levels)
  • Field risk analysis and targeting of suspicious containers
  • Single-Point-of-contact between local Customs/Control authorities and the brand owners in managing the suspicious containers
  • Academic Contribution (speaker role, panel discussion, interviews, etc.) to publications or events organized by the Right Holder (Yearly seminar, Conferences, Training programs, etc.).

Some Fighting Illicit Trade services can be ordered “à la carte”, like:

  • Special risk analysis training programs for Customs Officers and other control Authorities
  • Workshops on fraud detection
  • Special in-house training programs for Right Holders and professional associations (marketing department, legal department, sub-contractors, etc.)
  • Key-Notes speaker role, panel discussion facilitation on conferences
  • Anti-counterfeiting event organization
  • Special consulting missions

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