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Cotecna - Fighting Illicit Trade Services

Fighting Illicit Trade

What we do

Illicit trade is the production, import, export, purchase, sale or possession of goods failing to comply with legislation. It encompasses a variety of illegal trading activities that cause health or safety risks and can finance criminal activities. Illicit trade is a global issue and has huge impacts on both governments and businesses. There is no miracle solution to fight alone this persistent, unstable and escalating issue.

The Fighting Illicit Trade division will support you: let us work together to stop illicit trade.

For businesses

  • Targeting, risk analysis and detection of suspicious shipments
  • Tracking of suspicious shipments
  • Contact with governments
  • Report to governments
  • Shipment interception / control by governments

Learn more about FIT for Businesses.

For Governments

  • Diagnostic missions
  • Operational trainings
  • Operation at national level
  • 24/7 Support for profiling
  • Accreditation of FIT experts

Learn more about FIT for Governments.

Where We Operate

Fighting Illicit Trade (FIT) services are globally operational with a special focus on 3 dedicated regions:

  • Africa
  • Central America and the Caribbean
  • South America

Why Choose Cotecna?

There are a wide range of contributing success factors that should be considered in order to generate buy-in and collaboration from all key stakeholders:

  • Team's expertise
    Cotecna Fighting Illicit Trade team consists of internationally recognized experts in fighting counterfeiting and piracy, intellectual property protection, anti-fraud and investigation services.

  • Compliance
    Cotecna Fighting Illicit Trade team will act in full respect of the law.

  • Confidentiality
    Cotecna Fighting Illicit Trade will keep a low profile and handle any information with the utmost discretion, anonymizing any information and asking for right holders and/or Customs Administrations approval before communicating it.

  • Long term relationship
    Fighting against illicit trade is a long-term solution, a constantly evolving service designed to face the new increasing threats of global reality. Cotecna Fighting Illicit Trade team recommends a collaboration based on annual contracts.

  • Win-Win
    Cotecna Fighting Illicit Trade business model is based on a win-win equation for all stakeholders and ensures a valuable return on investment for their partners with a total transparency and confidentiality.

FIT Team

Christophe Zimmerman

Christophe Zimmerman

General Manager - Fighting Illicit Trade Services

After 20 years in French Customs, and 10 years at the European Commission and World Customs Organization as a coordinator in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy, Christophe Zimmermann has become the leading specialist in this area, with extensive operational and field experience. He now leads the global Cotecna team in the fight against fraud and counterfeiting.

Sophie Molle

Business Development Manager – Fighting Illicit Trade Services

After 10 years in the international commerce and 6 years in promoting the Global Tool for fighting against counterfeiting (IPM) at the World Customs Organization (WCO), Sophie is now in charge of developing a network of Right Holders in Fighting Illicit Trade at Cotecna while contributing also to the field Operations and training programs.

Marcel Martinez

Legal, Administrative and Logistics Coordinator

Marcel was the head of the IPR Department in the Dominican Republic Customs Directorate, with more than 11 years of experience. As a WCO-accredited expert in IPR and Expert for the US-Department of Justice, she conducted training activities in Africa and Latin America & Caribbean.

Christian de Buysscher

Coordinator for Africa

Chris has built anti-fraud and investigation expertise in the port of Antwerp for 30 years, as a customs expert on excise duties, and team leader in the fight against counterfeiting. As a certified expert in IPR, he conducts training and operational seminars and diagnostics in Africa and around the world.

Juan Peralta

Coordinator for South America

Juan is a WCO-accredited expert in risk analysis and intellectual property. He has organized and conducted seminars and field activities all over the world, including with Customs in Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras and Chile. As part of the Cotecna team, he now coordinates activities for the South American region.

Ricaurte Arocha

Coordinator for Central America & the Caribbean

Ricaurte was the liaison officer for the UNODC in Panama and as Director of UNITEC (Containers Technical Inspection Unit) within the Customs of Panama was in charge of the international program for detection and control of high-risk containers. Today, he coordinates the Cotecna team for the Central American and Caribbean region.

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