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Certificate of Inspection for Exports to Libya

In May 2015, the Governor of the Central Bank of Libya published resolution n°96, regulating the use of foreign exchange for opening documentary letters of credit (L/C). Thus, all goods imported into Libya require a Certificate of Inspection (COI) issued by an international inspection company, such as Cotecna, in order to be financed through a documentary L/C from a commercial bank.

This law also states that all banks operating letters of credit for the import of goods must inform the Central Bank of Libya of any failure by their customers to comply with Resolution n°96 of 2015 within the specified time limit.

As an internationally recognized inspection and certification company, Cotecna can conduct controls and deliver a Certificate of Inspection for exporters and importers who meet Libyan Authorities requirements and facilitate the entry of their goods into Libya.

Libya Conformity Assessment Process

Cotecna carries out the following services during the Verification of Conformity process:

  • Physical inspection before loading
    • Verification of description stipulated on import documents
    • Identification of goods
    • Documentary verification
    • Sampling in case of lab testing
  • Laboratory testing (if necessary)
  • Documentary verification of inspection reports and laboratory test results
  • Issuance of Certificate of Inspection

Request a Certification

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