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Automated Risk Management – CRMS®

Cotecna’s innovative Risk Management Solution - CRMS® - is designed to strengthen Customs Administrations capabilities to consistently achieve in the most efficient and autonomous manner their objectives of trade facilitation, national security safeguard, public safety protection and revenue collection.

Cotecna offers a tailor-made Risk Management technology using advanced analytics to make better use of their larger ocean of data and improve their visibility, agility and control efficiency.

CRMS® is also used as a perfect complement to other Cotecna’s services such as ValueQuest® and Cargo Scanning services.

What we do

  • Comprehensive pre-financing of the project
  • Process review and solution design
  • Support the setup of a Customs Risk Management Unit
  • Supply of the software platform, hardware and communication infrastructure
  • Integration within Customs existing processes and systems
  • Set up of a Centralized Fraud Database
  • Maintenance and technical assistance
  • Extensive training and capacity building program

The benefits

  • Increased revenue collection
  • Strengthened trade security
  • Enhanced trade facilitation
  • Increased visibility over Customs operations
  • Optimized resource allocation
  • Enriched intelligence sharing among Customs departments
  • Improved trade compliance
  • Positive impact on Customs image

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