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GSM Device Monitoring – MobiClear

Mobile fraud is growing almost as rapidly as mobile usage. Creating huge security issues for governments and a serious threat to tax revenues. Given the volume of mobile devices in transit, effective monitoring has proved extremely difficult. Until now.

MobiClear enables the authorities to fight mobile device fraud. Our real time monitoring solution simultaneously enhances national security and raises tax revenues.

The Cotecna designed solution relies upon the. Armed with this data, MobiClear can integrate with local mobile networks to detect not just illegally imported devices but also cloned, stolen, substandard and even fake devices. Better still, MobiClear will prevent fraudulent devices being used on national mobile networks.

What we do

  • Business process review
  • Set-up of a national database of legally imported mobile devices
  • Interoperability with 3rd parties’ systems
  • 24/7 operation support and maintenance

The benefits

  • Increased tax collection
  • Consumer protection
  • Combat mobile theft with the ability to block stolen mobile devices
  • Fight against device cloning and SIM Box
  • Enhanced national security by localising, tracking and identifying targeted handsets activities

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