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Destination Inspection (DI)

Cotecna was the first company to offer destination inspection services back in 1999, combining risk management with non-intrusive inspection and valuation systems. Today, we are a renowned leader in this field thanks to our offer of tailor-made solutions that help Customs services to strengthen their capacity to inspect goods when they arrive in their destination country.

What we do

  • Provide document review, tariff classification, valuation and, when required, physical inspection, in the country of origin and / or in the country of destination
  • Integrate sophisticated technologies such as the Computerized Risk Management System (CRMS®) and non-intrusive inspection services using scanner imaging in the country of destination
  • Provide training, capacity building and technology transfer

The benefits

  • Trade facilitation by combining risk management with technological tools that contribute to a reduction in the time required for imported goods to clear Customs
  • Compliance with prevailing international regulations and guidelines
  • Protection of government revenues by focusing on high-risk transactions, reducing opportunities for fraud, fiscal evasion and price discrimination
  • Security enhancement at airports, seaports and borders, assisting with national security and the fight against international terrorism

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