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Classification & Valuation – ValueQuest®

To support Customs in its modernization efforts and in enhancing its effectiveness, Cotecna offers an integrated platform of technology based services: ValueQuest®.

Integrated within Customs operations and operated by a selected and trained unit of Customs officers, ValueQuest® will enable Customs to safeguard the integrity of its classification, valuation and audit processes by taking full advantage of a modern risk management engine.

Fully customizable, ValueQuest® has been designed to be operated at any stage of the Customs clearance process, thus offering an optimized balance between trade facilitation and revenue protection.

What we do

  • A tailor-made Customs Classification and Valuation solution driven by a dynamic Risk Management engine
  • Integration within Customs systems and processes
  • Supply of the software platform, dedicated hardware, maintenance and technical assistance
  • Creation and real-time update of a reliable national valuation and fraud database
  • On-demand access to Cotecna’s international network of experts
  • An extensive training and capacity building program
  • Comprehensive pre-financing of the project

The Benefits

  • Enhanced revenue collection
  • Trade facilitation
  • Transparency and impartiality of the decision-making process
  • Optimization of processes and human resources
  • Compliance with WCO guidelines and WTO trade facilitation agreements

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