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Inspector (Subcontractor)

Responsibilities / Duties

  • to perform trade inspection services as directed by Cotecna and to verify compliance with relevant specifications and industry standards in accordance with our clients' requirements 
  • to obtain representative samples and perform comprehensive supervision of shipment loadings
  • to ensure all contracted work is performed in accordance with Cotecna guidelines and procedures
  • to idenfity discrepancies and / or non-conformances and provide full details to Cotecna
  • to submit accurate written reports, including photographs

Skills required

  • ability to communicate effectively
  • previous knowledge of inspection services is preferable but not essential
  • experience with assessment of conformity is desirable
  • Full drivers licence

All applications for UK or European-based candidates are welcome and will be considered

Please contact [Reveal email address] or fax 020 8277 7801


United Kingdom

4th Floor
One Lampton Road
TW3 1JB Hounslow

+44 208 2777700
[Reveal email address]

58, rue de la Terrassière
P.O. Box 6155
1207 Geneva

+41 22 8496900
+41 22 8496969
[Reveal email address]